Narciso (NJ) Jaramillo (piano) has been playing jazz in the Bay Area since the turn of the millennium. He's played regularly with the David Jeffrey Jazz Fourtet and with his own trio, Triad, as well as with Dave Rocha, Colin Gleason, John Ritchie, Chris Gamper, Jeff Weinmann, Mike Pinkham, Otto Huber, Dave Casini, Brendan Buss, Chris Reece, and many other local musicians.

Bishu Chatterjee (acoustic bass) was born in Kolkata in the Bengal province of India. He is one of the founding members of the 1970s band Mohiner Ghoraguli, a pioneer of modern Bengali folk-rock music. Bishu's first exposure to jazz began with his brother, Gautam Chatterjee, as well as friend and teacher, Jean Pierre Andre. Over the years Bishu has played with many artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

Jeff Weinmann (drums) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been greatly influenced by its diverse multi-cultural music scene. He played drums with the Grammy-nominated Gospel Hummingbirds, and was a founding member of Brazilian singer Ivson Lins' Grupo Gusto and the South African group Lutsinga Musical Ensemble. He earned a degree in vocal performance at the New England Conservatory of Music, and while living in Boston studied with legendary drum instructor Alan Dawson.